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NYT: Major U.S. Health Insurers Report Big Profits, Benefiting From the Pandemic

Consumers are probably entitled to millions of dollars in rebates under OBAMACARE rules that cap companies’ profits.

The nation’s leading health insurers are experiencing an embarrassment of profits. But people who had health insurance through the A.C.A. last year could receive an average of $420 a person in mandated rebates.

Under the federal health care law, insurers are required to use a fixed percentage of the money they take in from premiums for their customers’ medical expenses. The companies must spend at least 80 cents of every dollar they collect in premiums from small businesses and individuals on health care, and 85 cents per dollar for large employers. The remaining 15 to 20 percent is all they are allowed under the Affordable Care Act to spend on administrative costs like overhead and marketing and to keep as profit. Any additional revenues are to be returned to consumers in the form of rebates.

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