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The complex and often emotionally charged nature of civil litigation cases requires persuasive and convincing representation.  Working as counsel for plaintiffs and defendants, CLAW has successfully tried to verdict or otherwise resolved a wide range of matters involving complicated insurance, negligence, engineering, and scientific issues. 

Corroborated by the sheer number of successful outcomes obtained for our clients, CLAW understands the dynamics that exist at the intersection of law, fact, and emotion in civil litigation cases. And we possess both the technical expertise and the empathy to represent clients effectively while honoring their values and ultimate objectives.


Each case we handle is staffed leanly and strategically, unlike Big Law’s default strategy of stacking layers of lawyers onto a single matter, all charging exorbitant hourly rates. Experience proves that having a small team involved in all aspects of the client’s representation produces a more coherent and efficient litigation plan, resulting in a better outcome for the client. 

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