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66 Players Opt Out Of 2020 NFL Season

The window for National Football League players to opt out of the 2020 regular season because of COVID-19 concerns has closed. A total of 66 players believed that they were putting their health and safety above enhanced economic security, making a choice to sit out the league year.

It is clear that specific position players and their families were more concerned about their potential for contracting the coronavirus and suffering its effects than others. Twenty of the 66 players who opted out are listed as offensive linemen, and 11 of them play on the defensive line.

These individuals line up right in front of each other, in very close proximity to their own teammates, with heavy breathing, sweating, and spitting all givens during every game and practice. Many of these players also weigh over 300 pounds, putting them in a high-risk category for a number of ailments that health experts encourage people to avoid and which could predispose them to COVID-19 and its sometimes terrible effects. The vast majority of the athletes that fall into this category are still preparing to participate during the 2020 NFL season.

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